Phil's Photo Blog

Introduction: The beginning is always a good place to start. I was born in Arlington Virginia on 26 November 1963 (4 days after Kennedy was assassinated) I joined the Marine Corps at 18 after barely making it out of high school due to a lack of effort, not a lack of ability. I never liked school and to this day find classroom instruction extremely boring, regardless of the subject. I left for MC bootcamp on Dec 26th 1982 after meeting my recruiter once. Fast forward a few years and I retired from the Marines on 15 May 2005, just shy of 23 years.

After the Marines I got a job at Gulfstream Aerospace in Oct 2005 and worked there until I retired on 16 May 2019. While working at Gulfstream I opened my own art gallery in Beaufort in 2015 on Port Republic Street. Two years later I moved to Bay Street and have been there ever since. I have now had my gallery for 5 years and love it although the Corona Virus has been a huge strain on my business as well as everyone else. 

I first arrived in Beaufort from 1987-1990 while in the Marines. Got married here in 1990 (Susan) but was transferred shortly after. We always wanted to come back and make Beaufort our home and finally in 2002 orders came through. We have three children, Jessica, Richard and Andrew. Each was born in a different State, Leavenworth KS, Waterville ME and Jacksonville NC. No grandchildren that I know of (I don't care who you are that's funny and never gets old).