Photo of the Month

Marsh View Sunset

What more could you ask for in a typical Beaufort sunset. To me, this photograph captures everything I look for with its colorful sky, lush marsh grass in fine detail and calm, clear water. It's so lifelike you can almost smell the air. Anyone who has ever travelled or lived in Beaufort S.C. will recognize this scene, even if you don't recognize the exact location.

We here in Beaufort are spoiled by our scenery. You would be hard pressed to find another common destination that can compete with what we have here in Beaufort. The marshes, tidal creeks, rivers and ocean, if you enjoy these types of waterways Beaufort has them all.

This photograph was taken on Lady's Island in the old Whitehall location. This has long been a favorite destination of mine, as long as I can remember. Years ago there was a restaurant here in fact, in 1989 my rehearsal dinner was at that restaurant, Whitehall. It burnt down some time after and ever since its been a vacant lot that many developers have fought over.

​Even now there is heated discussion with the locals, the City of Beaufort and the current developers plans. I know almost all of Beaufortonians wish the lot would remain vacant however, I believe it's just a matter of time before it is indeed developed into some sort of condominium complex or something similar.

I captured this image with my Fuji GFX100 camera and my Fuji 32-64mm f/4 lens. It was taken at 8:21pm on June 13th 2020. I hand held the camera and my settings were 1/280 seconds at f/4, ISO 1000, Focal length was 32mm. I used Lightroom Classic for my editing.

I hope you enjoy this photograph as much as I do. Phil

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